Good Roller Tee - Black/White


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Short Sleeves. Good Roller.

You might not be familiar with the term yet, but that's okay. We're hearing it at the rink nearly everywhere we go now... but sometimes you might just hear "GR."

So what does it mean? Well, a few things... GR has a few different meanings. For starters, it could be an acknowledgment of the level of talent on the floor, or just a smart roller-specific play. For example, good possession time = Good Roller.

Good roller is showing up to the rink - whether you're playing or not - and just soaking it all in. It's more of a feeling than the actual skill of the game itself. Being a part of the roller community and enjoying the atmosphere at the rink with your buddies... it's a lifestyle. Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices to get to the roller events. Making roller hockey work in your life... that's GR.

You just know Good Roller when you see it.


This soft, short sleeve tee is a year round staple.

Printed in the USA. Available Now.


Image of Good Roller Tee - Black/White